aBetter Yesterday
"The Latest in Music Fads"


lyrics by Greg Meyer

VS 1:
I have wasted three long years on indecisions,
worn-out promises, and broken visions.
But that all changed when you came into my life.
You showed me how to try, how to make it right.
And I dont know you well but I know I think you're great.
Since I met you that day.

I wanna lay back, with you and watch the sunset.
I wanna hold on, take my hand and we'll run.
Far away, to a special place.
Wanna let go, and do the things we cannot do alone.

VS 2:
Things got better when I started this new band.
Thought I could sing problems away, me and Brandon.
But something still made me empty inside.
Too many night I'd lie, wishin' I wouldn't cry.
I just wanted someone to say,
"I love you Greg, I'll always stay"


But I'm shy and I'm quiet all the time.
Through the grove, walk alone, but I dont want that anymore.

So here goes, here's my shot.
I dont know if I'm what you want.
So I'll sing, hope you smile, and we can celebrate tonight.


Copyright aBetter Yesterday 2004. All rights reserved.