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aBetter Yesterday started in February of 2003 when Greg began writing songs on his keyboard of lost loves and relationships gone dry(names will not be given as they do not wish to give them the satisfaction). By the summer of '03, Brandon began adding some basslines and giving his input into the songs. These two played a couple shows and quickly realized the sound was missing something. They continued writing while looking for the missing piece. A roomate had a friend who was a drummer and one night they took a chance and asked him to join a practice. Though Josh knew none of the songs, he was a quick learner and everything fell into place. They started playing house shows and the fans kept coming back.

By this time they were losing the emo category as the bitter self-hating songs picked up with ska drum beats. Even the lyrics were becoming, dare they say, content?? They added a fourth member, Brett in the fall of '03 to play lead guitar and fill the piano sounds. In November of 2003 they placed third in a Battle of the Bands in Trafford, PA and used the winnings to record a self-titled demo during December of 2003. The demo included the songs Things We Cannot Do Alone and Pictures Fade.

While continuing to write songs and play shows as much as possible, aBetter Yesterday practiced for their biggest show yet...Live 'n Loud at IUP. They took first place which gave them a spot at the pre-exam jam to open for Yellowcard. This was a huge for jump for them.

Brett is no longer with the band. In the summer of '04, aBetter Yesterday added Tom Esch to the project. He became the lead guitar and quickly filled holes to our sound. We played many shows with Tom's main band, PWYN, and had a blast in doing so.

In February, 2005, we were a semifinalist in the Graffiti Rock Challenge. While, we did not win the event, were very excited for this opportunity to play in such a well established event and hope to get another chance at the event next year.

After February, aBetter Yesterday really evolved as a band. Unfortunately, school, work, and other personal reasons have left Brandon out of the equation. While this is temporary, aBY wishes Brandon the best of luck with everything. This decision was not out of anger. We love B and miss him lots. We'll keep you posted on him as we hear more. As for now, we have added an excellent bassist by the name of Chris, or "K". He has been awesome and we are glad he is jammin with aBY. Check out his profile for more information.

The band continued to work on a brand new CD and played local events in Pittsburgh during 2005. At their release party at the Hard Rock Cafe' in October 2005, the band announced that they were going to disband. Chris and Tom plans were to remain in Pittsburgh and continue to play in another band. Josh was moving to Kansas and Greg was moving to Maryland to begin his career as an elementary school teacher. Their finale was probably their finest hour and the guys were very loose and relaxed. Hopefully we can get the guys to have a reunion tour in the future!
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